Melissa – Virginia Beach, VA

What a blessing Liz has been to me and my 16 year old son. When my son suffered his third concussion and started having debilitating migraines for days at a time, memory loss, and balance and vision issues, a mutual friend steered me to Liz for guidance. The pediatric neurologist only wanted to treat the symptoms with medications that were not helping and were possibly, even hurting my child. Liz didn’t even know me and she spent over an hour speaking with me about things she had tried and pointed me to an excellent Neuro-Optometrist who ended up helping my child more than anyone else. It was so important that we figure out and treat what was causing the issues versus just throwing neurological medications at symptoms. Liz has supported me and answered many questions, and she gave me hope! Today, my son is around 80% healed, thank the Lord! He is doing so much better, and I can tell his brain is continuing to heal. Thank you, Liz! Without you, my son would not be where he is today!