Elizabeth P.

Through Hope Unfading, Liz brings her immense life experience, self-education, and extensive research to bear in the service of those on the recovery path. Without the information she taught me about qEEGs, I would not have known to have one done, which has illuminated neurofeedback as an essential treatment avenue for me.
Surprisingly, many doctors are not well-enough educated about the brain and brain injury to give TBI survivors the help they need, and these survivors are left to explore medical and alternative healing realms for themselves. Without proper guides and resources, they can become lost in a depressing trial and error process that can last for years. Receiving good information quickly, coupled with strong support from people who understand, is the best hope for brain injury survivors. Hope Unfading does this, by offering insight into tested treatment paths, reliable healthcare providers, and the variety of treatment methods to explore.
I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to take the next step in recovery. Healing is possible. Sometimes all we need is hope and a reliable map. Hope Unfading is a fantastic place to start.