Authority from God

How and Why You Should Kick the Devil Out of Your Life by Randy Clark

I cannot recommend this book enough.

So much information given in such an easy to understand way.

Unfortunately, many people attend church their whole lives and are not taught these principles from the Bible.

From Amazon website:


Satan has successfully placed a shroud of deception over many people’s eyes. Many do not understand why bad things are happening in their lives. They do not know how to stop those things from continuing. Too many people have an extremely limited comprehension of the forces of darkness in the world. As a result, lives are continually disrupted and God is often blamed for things He did not do. In this book you will learn HOW TO:

  • Recognize the deception of the Devil 
  • Identify demons and their operation 
  • Exercise your authority over the forces of darkness 
  • Live free from the effects of sin 
  • Stop the Devil’s work in your family 
  • Activate God’s power in your life

AUTHORITY FROM GOD will equip you to live a life of victory over all the forces of evil.

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